Kids Learning Android App Source Code Kids Smart

Description : 

Kids Smart provides a fun, engaging, and interactive way to explore a wide range of educational topics. Kids Smart makes learning an exciting adventure! The app uses the languages Java and PHP.

App Features:

  • Numbers: Here kids can learn about numbers.
  • ABC: Here kids can learn about the ABC alphabet.
  • Animals: Here kids can learn about the animal's name.
  • Fruits: Here kids can learn about the fruit's name.
  • Foods: Here kids can learn about the food's name.
  • Vehicles: Here kids can learn about the vehicle's name.
  • Colors: Here kids can learn about the colors's names.
  • Calendar: Here kids can learn about the weekday and month names.

Other Features:

  • User Friendly Interface ✅
  • Admobe Ad Network ✅
  • Admobe GDPR ✅
  • In-App Update ✅
  • Ad Control From Server ✅
  • Privacy Policy Ready ✅
  • Internet connection detection 

Demo Video:

Demo App:

Here you can download the demo app. 

Our Service:

Everything you get after buying the app source code.
  • App code zip file.
  • App setup instructions.
  • 24/7 Support if you have any problem contact us.
  • After buying once you will get all the updates of the app for free.


If you want to develop your own custom app contact us. If you need to customize the app source code contact us. We customize the app at a cheap cost.

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